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31 quick video ideas for gaming Youtubers

Every blogger, YouTuber and content creator out there has a point in there life when they sit down, and their mind goes blank. Yesterday you were full of ideas, things that you want to play, review and talk about and today it’s all gone. Behold our 31 quick video concepts for your gaming YouTube channel!

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5 Must-See Events for Gaming Content Creators in Europe/2019

Sometimes, being a gaming content creator based in Europe can feel a bit sad and blue. YouTube meet-ups are going strong in America. Biggest conventions happen on the other side of the ocean. And most importantly, all the big influencer/gaming events are held in the US! How is that fair? There’s nothing ever happening in Europe! Or is it?
This year is different. Major players are finally noticing creators and fans outside America, and they are trying to get the hype up for some new, exciting things that they prepared for us.

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30 Great Reasons to Work with YouTube Gaming Influencers

Gaming influencer marketing got very big very fast. Everyone is doing it or at least talking about it and there’s an excellent reason for that. People watched over 60 billion hours of gaming-related content in 2018 between YouTube, Twitch and emerging streaming sites alone. It seems that influencer marketing it’s not a fad that will go away anytime soon, but it is the way for marketing to evolve into something completely new and exciting.

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