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Networking do’s and don’ts for streamers

Don’t worry, networking is so much easier than it sounds. First of all, you need to understand what it means to network and why there’s so much fuss about it. Basically, networking is interacting with others. Simple as that. Hanging out in someone’s channel, hosting, raiding, commenting on their YouTube videos, keeping their chat going, liking their Twitter posts… all of those things are a part of it.

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How to find the right keywords for your Youtube video

In this blog, we will offer some insights on how you can select the right keywords for your video to receive a better video ranking and receive a higher ad revenue per video. We will do this by explaining some of the keyword logic that Google Ads advertisers use to select keywords. Moreover, we will also explain how you can use the Keyword Planner, a tool that advertisers use to select their desired keywords. If you know how this tool works you can use it to find the right keywords for your video.

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Setting up and organising your scene in OBS

So you’ve downloaded all the software you need and you’ve got yourself some cool looking graphics and overlays for your stream. Now what do you do with them? Where do you put the overlay and how do you add all your cool GFX to your stream.
Well that’s what I’m here for. I’m going to walk you through how to set up your scene in OBS to make the most of your graphics.

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