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30 Great Reasons to Work with YouTube Gaming Influencers

Gaming influencer marketing got very big very fast. Everyone is doing it or at least talking about it and there’s an excellent reason for that. People watched over 60 billion hours of gaming-related content in 2018 between YouTube, Twitch and emerging streaming sites alone. It seems that influencer marketing it’s not a fad that will go away anytime soon, but it is the way for marketing to evolve into something completely new and exciting.

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How to reach gaming influencers on YouTube and Twitch? (Without spending hours of your life browsing profiles with no business email or price list)

Video game influencers are the next big thing. For a long time marketing to the ‘nerdy’ part of the society was a niche thing. It was new, a bit different and exotic. Not many companies cared to advertise to the gaming crowd, because it was considered minor, with small purchasing power and very narrow interests.

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