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6 out of 10 people would rather watch online content than television. Therefore, it is no surprise that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. However, together with the rise of ads on video content, the use of online ad-blocking tools is skyrocketing as about half of the global internet users rely on some kind of ad-blocker. So how can brands reach tech-savvy, younger generations with video? The solution is simple, influencer marketing.

To help you get started, Adshot offers multiple online courses on video marketing and influencer marketing. Complete these courses to get a personalized certificate, which you can show off to your clients and display on your website and social media.

Influencer marketing course

Influencer Marketing Fundamentals

How can brands reach Gen Z and Y in an authentic and convincing way? The answer is simple: Influencer Marketing.

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YouTube Course

YouTube Influencer Fundamentals

Follow this course to learn more about how to work together with YouTube Influencers. Disclaimer: Adshot is not in any way affiliated with YouTube.com

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Twitch course

Twitch Influencer Fundamentals

Last year, 920 million people watched gaming content, A lot of them did so on Twitch. Follow this course to discover marketing opportunities on this new channel. Disclaimer: Adshot is not in any way affiliated with Twitch.tv .

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