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Are you setting targets to grow your Youtube, Twitch, Instagram or other channels? Our channel analytics feature offers you a great way to analyze and benchmark your current performance and even offers forecasts about your future performance.
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How frequently are my channel numbers updated?

Your Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter channel statistics are automatically updated on a daily basis. This means that it can take a maximum of up to 24 hours before your latest video or stream statistics are added to your analytics page.

Can I share my analytics page with others?

After you registered and added your channels to Adshot, you automatically create a media kit. You can choose to display your analytics section on this media kit, which you can share with brands. Simply set the visibility option on your analytics section to ‘public’ to add it to your media kit.

Is your platform really free for creators?

Adshot is currently free to use for creators. You can register, create a media kit and start networking with brands. If Adshot assists a brand in a paid collaboration with you, we normally take a commission, which depends on the modalities of that specific campaign

Do you offer individual consultancy sessions to creators?

As we are really busy developing our technology we are currently not offering individual consultancy services for creators. If you would like to get in touch please fill in the contact form or join our creator community on Discord.

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