Development log #1: UX Updates

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Development log #1: UX Updates

In our Development logs we will inform you about all kinds of updates or changes we’re making at Adshot. In this way, everyone can see what’s going on behind the scenes of this steady growing company.

1. July-August

In July and August we made some huge changes to our website. We updated the layout of the sponsorship-zone so it would be easier for our gamers to browse through all the offers. This new layout should turn managing sponsorship into a piece of cake.

We added a wizard that helps you to give the right information to us while registering. In this way, we can easily see which channels you use for their content creation. Based on that information we can provide you with the most relevant sponsorships!

Notifications are also a small but useful thing we added. Adshot gamers can immediately see how many new sponsorship offers are made available to them. When a new sponsorship becomes available for your channel(s), you will be notified via an email. That way you can accept or decline the sponsorship offer as soon as possible!

Last but not least we redesigned the website so there is a separate section especially for our gamers. This section can be used to add more utilities especially for them.

2. September

In September we fixed a bug that caused login problems for our users that happened after we created a separate gaming section on our website. This problem was fixed by making a separate login portal where you can login without any hassle!

People that are registered will definitely have seen it already but the sponsorship ‘cards’ got also a makeover. Because of the improved layout you will more easily get a grasp of what services you are expected to perform for a sponsorship.

3. What’s next?

We’re working on the idea to support charity while you use our website. When you will accept or decline an offer, a certain amount will be sent directly to a charity cause. What do you think about this idea?

Now that you’re fully up to date we want to ask YOU what you want to see on our website, do you have any good ideas to make it more user friendly, do you know some points we need to work on? Let us know in our discord, or response on this blog post so we can build Adshot together!