Development log #2: Charitable Gaming

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Development log #2: Charitable Gaming

In our Development logs, we will inform you about all kinds of updates or changes we’re making at Adshot. In this way, everyone can see what’s going on behind the scenes of this steady growing company.


In October we had one huge adjustment and we’re very proud of this one! Some Adshot gamers did already see it when logging in as we added a nice charity touch to our website.

When logged in, you’ll see on top two bright buttons. A green one with the amount of money for charity, which goes to charity and a blue one for the amount of money you already made with your sponsorships at Adshot.

The buttons with the amount of money that will go to charity, and to your wallet!

So, what do you need to do to increase the earnings for charity? All you need to do is respond to sponsorship offers. That’s all! Each time you apply for or decline, Adshot will donate €0,20 to one of the three charities you selected. In that way, we hope you are more inclined to respond faster to our offers. That way we know in time if we can pass the opportunity to other Adshot gamers to embark on the offer if you are not interested.

One click to help charity, that’s it!


Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still get the full payment for your chosen sponsorships, the money that goes to charity comes straight out of our own pockets 😉

Now, you’re probably curious about where the money for charity will go to! The Adshot crew chose three charities that we love the most; Apopo, Ablegamers and EducateGirls. You can choose yourself which one you want to support. To do that, you simply go to your profile and under your game name and you’ll find these three logos:

You can visit the website of each charity and after you made your choice, click the logo of the charity you want to support. Don’t forget to click on the ‘update’ button on the bottom of the page! Done!

What’s next?

Currently, we’re working on the emails you’ll receive from us. The layout will be different (who doesn’t like getting pretty emails offering money, right?) and you’ll get emails more frequently to remind you about upcoming sponsorships you have in the future.

Now that you’re fully up to date we want to ask YOU what you want to see on our website, do you have any good ideas to make it more user-friendly, do you know some points we need to work on? Let’s grow Adshot, let’s grow your channels.