Development Log #3: October – November – December

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Development Log #3: October – November – December


We took some measures to motivate Creators to be more approachable by Adshot. By requesting your address and phone number, we can more easily contact you for sponsorships and do payouts.

Behind the scenes, our development team put a new architecture and development plan in place. Although you might not immediately see the outcomes, this will allow us to develop new cool features much faster and more stable in the future!


We optimized the feedback loop from Creators to Brands for Instant Sponsorships to offer Brands more insights. Feedback is now structured per type and with assistance to ensure uploaded URL’s are relevant. Creators are also asked for Feedback to the Brand for further improvements on their products or Campaigns. They can also explicitly mark the Sponsorship as Finished when they consider themselves completely ready so that the Brand knows when it is time to review.

We have also made launching Campaigns more clear to Brands. For Public Listings, the expectations on the number of responses and reach have been made clear by a data-driven estimation, which can assist in deciding on the filtering criteria. For Direct Collaborations, we re-ordered some input fields and removed some fields, to focus on a clear and concise flow.


In December, we elaborated on an entirely new experience for Brands and Creators to discover each other. Brands can create a Brand Bio, where they can present themselves with their products and socials. Creators can visit these pages and like their favorite Brands and respective Products or visit the socials.

Vice versa, Brands can freely discover Creators and drop them a like. We hope this will inspire a lot of collaborations between the two parties!

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