Webinar 1: Working with Influencers on YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms.

This event has ended: You can view the full video and the slides via https://showtime.zoho.eu/join#/30001572305/19757000000010004

Are you interested in influencer marketing?

Can your brand use some more brand awareness?

Want to know how influencer marketing with content creators works?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our lives have changed dramatically. Everyone has to stay inside and keep as much distance as possible, turning our vibrant social lives a few months ago into a vague memory. However, people are doing everything they can to keep in touch with friends and family: online conference call platforms are being overwhelmed, virtual variants of popular party games are emerging everywhere and online gaming is growing even faster than usual. Companies have noticed that people are turning to online solutions to replace their social lives and have therefore started to adjust their marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing on video streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube has become even more popular than before and delivers even greater results.

Therefore, Adshot is hosting a webinar on influencer marketing hosted by our co-founder Axel Gekiere. It’s totally free to join and you will be able to ask questions at the end of it. Grab this opportunity to enrichen your marketing knowledge or simply discover great business opportunities.


Event Schedule Details

  • April 24, 2020 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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