Receive credible coverage by influencers on social media

Getting your product or keys out to influencers can be a tedious process. Adshot offers an all-in-one solution to
offer your products or keys to thousands of registered influencers, and receive content in return.

Free access until November 1st, 2020.

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How does it work?

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Create a Brand Page & Portfolio of the things you want to share with influencers

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Filter whom you want to send keys or products for free endorsements

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Simply upload a batch of keys or cherry-pick your favorite applicants

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Find and analyze the content created by influencers in one place

Reaching influencers has never been easier

Full Database Access

By registering on Adshot you get full access to our database of 2.000 registered influencers on Adshot. Discover your favorite influencers by using tons of different filters.

Powerful Integrations

As Adshot integrates with the main social media platforms, you are sure to have the latest data of each influencer and real-time performance data of created content.

Intuitive Campaign Management

Easily assess new applications for your offer and handle product or key distribution, all in one place.

Result Overview

Get an overview of all the created content from each influencer, with direct links to the original content.

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