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Unlike many other solutions, Adshot has built a real two-sided platform that offers both brands and creators the right tools to efficiently network and collaborate on branded content. Join Adshot for free and say goodbye to scraped profiles and unauthentic approaches to influencer marketing.

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E02: How to create a Media Kit

How to create a media kitBy DikkeSvekke If you can't speak Dutch you can find all tips in English below. [...]

E01: 5 tips to grow your Twitch channel

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Is your platform really free for Creators and Brands

The current platform is 100% free to use for either party. We might develop further paid features to offer even more value. If we are planning to release paid features or plans we will definitely timely communicate this upcoming change.

Do you provide agency services to brands?

As Adshot provides influencer marketing agency services to brands, we developed and executed influencer marketing strategies for over 40 global and local brands, since 2017. If you are interested in discovering our agency services, please take a look at agency.adshot.io

How do you make money?

Adshot offers influencer marketing agency services to brands by using our own influencer marketing technology. For more information see agency.adshot.io

Do you offer individual consultancy sessions for creators?

As we are really busy developing our technology we are currently not offering individual consultancy services for creators. If you would like to get in touch please fill in the contact form or join our creator community on Discord.

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