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Dunkin' Donuts
Promote the launch of the new Belgian store
Project Description
Dunkin’ Donuts is a famous American multinational coffee and doughnut company. As it was opening the first store in Belgium, they wanted to create a hype amongst the younger Belgian generations. Several Belgian micro-influencers received an exclusive doughnut box at their doorstep two days before the opening. Besides receiving a free package of doughnuts, the selected influencers had the opportunity to give away a year of free doughnuts to one lucky follower.

Our team and technology managed to launch this entire campaign in only three business days. The first day, Adshot opened the offer towards Belgian influencers, of whom 14 interested influencers applied to, and seven were chosen by Dunkin’ Donuts to participate. For these lucky seven influencers, Adshot aided Dunkin’ Donuts in the shipping process.

Dunkin’ Donuts also relied on Adshot’s integrated giveaway technology to give away products. For this campaign, influencers interacted with their audience through an interactive giveaway. In this case, a lucky winner was granted a year of free doughnuts (try the live demo here). This system can also be used to let fans unlock (discounts) codes (try the live demo here). To participate in the giveaway, fans had to follow the Instagram page and download the Dunkin’ Donuts app. Both actions were automatically tracked by the software of Adshot.

With the assistance of 7 micro-influencers, who produced 23 videos or social media posts, Dunkin’ Donut’s BE Instagram page gained 290 followers. The published posts with the interactive giveaway also increased the number of app installs by 272.

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