To make engaging branded content promoting MSI's gaming gear.
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MSI’s gaming gear are top-of-the-line essentials for young gamers. To reach younger audiences who are a potential target for MSI, Adshot suggested 18 profiles to collaborate with. Eventually four trending Dutch and Belgian Twitch streamers became ambassador for MSI. Engagement was a key demand for this campaign.

But how could we reach huge audiences while remaining engaging? The four participating streamers already had big audiences and to really center their streams around MSI and their gaming gear, each individual content creator organized an MSI streaming week. During every live moment in those weeks viewers could participate in minigames to increase their score. The scores were given out at random, but you just had to be there, the viewers who were there the most had the highest odds of eventually winning three pieces of MSI gaming gear!

Every single streamer started their week by unboxing the gear and installing it so they too could use the MSI gaming gear for an entire week, showing their audiences how amazing they handle. At the end of the MSI streaming weeks each streamer also unboxed some challenge cards challenging the streamers to complete several tasks in video games on stream to unlock even more gaming gear to be given away!

Each streamer also had their personal link which could be traced; a total of 1097 link clicks leading to a noticeable uprise in sales!

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