Pickx Purple Carpet

Promote the launch of The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland, Plopsa hotel and the Pickx platform
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On the 21st of July Proximus Pickx hosted a Purple Carpet for the launch of The Ride To Happiness, the rollercoaster by Tomorrowland and Plopsa. To host the Purple Carpet Adshot suggested profiles to collaborate with. Eventually Amir Motaffaf, celebrity and TikToker interviewed VIP’s attending the event.

But how could we reach huge and specific audiences? Amir posted the content he made that day on Instagram, Instagram Reels and TikTok. Proximus also published written articles about Amir’s content on their own Pickx platform. On TikTok however we repurposed the content as a boosted post towards a specifically targeted audience using TikTok’s Spark ads. This also allowed us to add a CTA to the original TikTok videos.

The TikTok videos accumulated a combined astonishing reach of 1.183.800 views! The engagement was also incredibly high, and we registered 19.767 clicks towards the Pickx platform. We can call this campaign a huge success!

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Amir Motaffaf

TiKToker, Singer, Actor

Created content examples

@amirmotaffafWe hebben het verhaal achter de dubbele kin van @marthi.party eindelijk te pakken! 😂 ##proximus ##pickx @plopsa_official @proximuspickx♬ original sound – Amir Motaffaf

@amirmotaffafVolgende keer wil ik die K3 suite en organiseer ik daar een feest 😂 ##pickx ##proximus @proximuspickx @plopsa_official♬ original sound – Amir Motaffaf

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