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Project Description
Proximus wants to do good for the environment. The production of mobile phones is a big contributor to pollution of the environment. A sustainable solution is to buy a refurbished phone that is essentially a repaired, cleaned, swiped and 100% functional phone. It’s also a way cheaper option when comparing it to buying a new phone and it is as good as a new one! Proximus was looking to promote these phones to two select audiences, sustainable and environmental-friendly people and young people looking to find a cheaper alternative to buying a new phone.

How did we reach these two specific audiences? Adshot set up an influencer marketing campaign using 2 great Belgian TikTok profiles for the young segment who each created their own vision of a way to promote the refurbished phones. For the other sustainable segment Adshot set up a collaboration with 2 Belgian Instagram creators that reach the sustainable segment. On TikTok we repurposed 2 TikToks as a boosted post towards a specifically targeted audience using TikTok’s Spark ads, we did the same on Instagram to boost these posts to the sustainable target audience. This also allowed us to add a CTA to the videos and posts leading to a Proximus landing page where interested viewers could find more information.

The TikTok videos accumulated a combined astonishing reach of 2.268.403 views and the Instagram posts reached a combined 577.008 impressions! The engagement was also high as we registered 9.270 TikTok clicks and 2.359 Instagram clicks. We can call this campaign a great success!

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TikTok views


TikTok Clicks


Instagram Impressions


Instagram Clicks

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Created content examples

@daviddieu_Découvre l’offre des smartphones reconditionnés de Proximus #student #tips #belgium #partenariat♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

@timonverbeeckTimon (19) heeft een relatie met Siri. ❤️📱 Bekijk het aanbod refurbished iPhones op de website van Proximus! #proximusrefurbished #proximuspartner♬ origineel geluid – timonverbeeck

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