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Blazing sails is a new pirate battle royale game created by Iceberg Interactive, in this game you can create your own ship and battle other pirates to be the last ship standing… or floating. Iceberg Interactive wished to raise its awareness for its release using young inspirational influencers.


So we did just that, we partnered them up with one YouTuber and three Twitch streamers who all created buzzing content about the game. Adshot recruited, onboarded and instructed four influencers that were a good fit for the game Blazing Sails and were sure to match brand safety guidelines. Adshot also followed up the campaign and made sure that all content was created, reported and analyzed. We made sure that Iceberg Interactive reached their key target audience.


They truly showcased how fun the game can be because in the end, the YouTube campaign gathered more than 12.000 viewers and the Twitch campaign accumulated more than 1000 hours of watch time.






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