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Proximus is a Belgian internet-, mobile-, phone- and TV provider and is one of the key organizers of esports events in Belgium. In the light of COVID-19 and the cancellation of many ‘in real life’ events, Proximus launched three new e-cups (FIFA Pro-League e-cup, CS:GO ESL Proximus cup and LoL Proximus cup) they relied on Belgian and Dutch influencers on YouTube and Twitch to create awareness amongst gaming enthusiasts for each of these leagues.
Executed services

During two streams on Twitch or YouTube videos, the influencers explained a bit more about the upcoming e-cups and organized a giveaway where the viewers could win PlayStation store cards. In order to participate in the giveaway, viewers had to click a link below and perform requested actions such as visiting the Proximus website, following the dedicated Proximus esports page on Twitter, or tweeting with the #proximusesports hashtag.

Adshot’s added value

As Proximus quickly shifted gears by introducing three new e-cups when COVID-19 stuck, Adshot relied on its technology to keep up pace and timely endorse influencers to promote these quickly emerging competitions.

Adshot recruited, onboarded, and instructed influencers that fit the brand values of Proximus and ensured that brand safety guidelines were met. Adshot organized the giveaway via an integrated tool that automatically checked whether participants had performed certain desired actions in order to receive more entries in the giveaway. This also allowed us to assess the performance of the campaign with metrics that go beyond the standard view and engagement metrics typically used in influencer marketing.


  • 174K organic video views
  • Proximus Pickx website visits: 761
  • Total new followers on Twitter 281
  • Total #proximusesports Tweets with hashtag 256







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