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Proximus is a Belgian internet-, mobile-, phone- and TV provider, that wanted to promote its new subscription formula Epic, which offered an endless data package for social media apps usage such as Twitch, Tiktok, YouTube, and so on. This offer was aimed at generation Z who are the heaviest consumers of the above mentioned social media platforms.


Adshot suggested to collaborate with influencers for a minimum of 6 months to make them true ambassadors for the brand and the EPIC formula.
During these 6 months influencers:

  1. – Made branded integrated videos of at least 30 seconds based on the monthly input of Proximus.
  2. – Included a logo that intros on each created YouTube video or is permanently visible as an overlay on the Twitch Stream.
  3. – Included a hyperlink to a chosen landing page that is placed under each video or is permanently visible as a Twitch panel in the channel description on Twitch.
  4. – Were encouraged to also create branded content on social media.
  5. – Got the opportunity to give away a brand new Apple TV and iPhone SE, participants had to fulfill actions related to Epic.

Adshot recruited, onboarded, and followed-up on each of the 6 chosen brand ambassadors, making sure that they received the monthly input from Proximus as well as executed the requested monthly service respectively. Each month Proximus would receive a custom report containing the performance metrics of that month, along with the created content about Epic.


  • – YouTube: 5.5M YouTube views where Proximus was visible
  • – Twitch: 867K views where Proximus was visible
  • – Twitch: 53.7 Years of watch time on content containing the Proximus logo

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