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The ESL Proximus Championship is a Belgian esports league where eight of the best League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams battle for a prize pool of €20.000. Group stages of this Championship were hosted on dedicated Twitch channels. The grand final was organized in a big final event in Brussels Expo. For both the online part of the event as well as the finals, Proximus didn’t want any gamers to miss out on this exciting Championship.

Proximus joined forces with us to find ambassadors to promote this event, so for the duration of two months, Proximus sponsored their esport channels on YouTube and Twitch. Content creators provided permanent visibility on their channel to showcase the ESL Proximus Championship logo, gave monthly shoutouts on their YouTube videos and Twitch streams, and used Twitter to spread further awareness amongst their fans. Next to all this Proximus also provided each content creator with tickets to give away to their fans. Creators were also encouraged to attend the event, which a lot of them did and made the ESL Proximus Championship turn into an absolute blast!

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