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Since a lot of sporting competitions were not allowed to happen this summer, Zes, a Belgian tv channel, changed their focus on a different type of sporting competition that is possible to happen with social distancing measures in place: e-sports. Live streams and online gaming events, together with the entire professional gaming community is experiencing amazing yearly growth. That’s why Zes is following the best gamers in the world during their time at the Fortnite World Cup as well as the FIFA E-world Cup. You can watch all off this in their esports series E-Sports: FIFA E-world Cup Highlights and E-sports: Inside Fortnite World Cup.

Zes was looking for YouTubers in the gaming community who were willing to dedicate a minute or two of their video to tell the world, and mainly their audiences about these new series and when they are going to air. They were also asked to include links to Zes’ website with more information on the series in their descriptions.


Adshot recruited, onboarded, and instructed influencers that fit the brand values of Zes and ensured that brand safety guidelines were met. These influencers went above and beyond to inform their audiences about Zes their new series.


  • – 20% engagement rate
  • – 99% like over dislike ratio

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