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Senior Javascript Developer

We are looking for a local or remote senior full-stack javascript developer, capable of delivering rock-solid value to our Adshot Platform:

  • – You design and build a data-driven platform (AI / Reporting / Big data) that efficiently captures and processes relevant data and metrics.
  • – As a senior dev, you lead by example to the juniors, just to make them better!
  • – You’re extending our portals with beautiful features and reports that make people’s heads go ‘pop’.
  • – You help integrating social APIs like Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, … into our platform.
  • – You set up automated processes and communications to gamers through APIs.
  • – You might even be programming mini-games on the latest and newest influencers platforms!
  • – ….


Tech skills : 

  • – Wizard of Software Architecture
    • – Micro-services, REST API
    • – Docker, Kubernetes
    • – DevOps, Scrum, and CI/CD
  • – Javascript Code Weaver
    • – Node.js, Express.js, Vue.js, Vuetify, Knex.js, …
  • – Super Data Trooper
    • – PostgreSQL, AWS S3, Gitlab, NoSQL
    • – Online dashboarding tools & Data Visualization


Soft skills:

  • – Open-minded and in your face
  • – Passionate about problem-solving, software and gaming
  • – Supreme Team player
  • – Fluent in English, Dutch is a plus


What do we offer:

  • – Work closely with founders in an ambitious young team.
  • – Flexible working schedule.
  • – Stimulating environment in a start-up with huge expansion potential.
  • – Open for your ideas and visions.

Get in touch!


Please fill in the form below to acquire more information or apply for one of the job post below. If you are not applying for any job listing on our career page, please mention ‘open solicitation’ as the job you are applying for.

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