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Working with Adshot has been a pleasure, they’ve facilitated finding influencers that matched the games we were trying to promote. We opted to use the tool ourselves, but they were very willing to set up the campaigns for us if needed, a friendly bunch to be sure!

Robby Bisschop - Community Manager, Cronos Interactive and 1UP

A great way for some extra money as a content creator, awesome opportunities for you & your community, thank you Adshot!

Gloozi - Streamer, 13K followers

Always a pleasure working with Adshot! Super friendly and helpful staff, as well as an easy-to-use website. Great tool for content creators to earn some money on the side so they can continue doing what they love.

Onylight - Streamer - 42K followers

The platform is logically built, which makes it easy-to-use and efficient to work with influencers!


Tanée Lauwers - Communication Advisor, Oona

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