5 Ways of Reusing Influencer Content into Exciting Marketing Materials

There is never enough content around if you’re a marketer. It’s best if you always have something new, fresh, and exciting to share with your audience and clients – the only problem is the time required to put together something unusual and worth sharing.

But imagine if you had a stable and reliable way of generating original content without investing any of your own time in it. Content that can be instantly posted, reused, and repurposed when necessary, widening your reach and bringing new audiences to your social media channels. Sounds fantastic, right?

As you can guess by now, we are talking about influencer content.

You are probably thinking ‘Hey, I already covered that in my marketing strategy. I partnered up with some influencers, and I have pictures, videos, streams, and other kinds of content on the way’.

It’s great. You already covered your bases. Influencer content is an excellent way of putting your brand out there. But ask yourself: Are you really getting 100% out of the content that your influencers generate for you?

If the only thing you do is liking it or re-sharing influencer posts and videos to your social media, you can do much better than that. Don’t let your content be only used once and gather dust when you can easily repurpose that material into something new.

Let us show you 5 simple and effective ways of recycling influencer content into something new and exciting:

1. Go graphic – create new visuals for social media and your product pages

Visual content is both entertaining and shareable. It easily pops and brings attention to otherwise plain content. According to Buzzsumo, Facebook posts with images drive 2.3 times more engagement than simple text posts. So why not create brand new materials based on influencer content?

Use influencer photos to improve your product pages. Ditch boring descriptions in favor of visuals – real-life images of people unboxing and using your products.

If you recently launched a new product and had some streams or videos focused on it – create a frame-by-frame reaction .gif and feature it on your landing page.

Go a bit further and merge some of your product information with influencer images and turn them into an engaging infographic.

You can even put together a massive collage giving credit to every influencer you worked with this year.

Don’t just reshare the same influencer material over and over. Edit, cut, and paste them together to create something new and different that your audience hasn’t seen yet.

2. Blog about it

Having multiple influencers creating content around your brand is an excellent opportunity to plan and write new blog posts and keep your audience engaged. It will give you not only tonnes of great article ideas, but it will also provide you with quotes and key talking points.

Think about it as your research is already done for you before you even start writing.

Also, since the main points of each article are already established, you can easily create quick snapshots and quotes to share on social media and promote your posts over time.

And don’t forget about your old blog posts. Influencer content can be used to revive existing articles by updating them and keeping them relevant to the readers.

3. Pop some influencer magic into your emails and newsletters

Your newsletter is an excellent space not only for reusing influencer content but also for offering exciting exclusives based on that very material. It will not only grow your client base faster but in a more organic way.

By converting existing content into a completely different format, dividing something big into bite-sized pieces, or putting together small content pieces, you can easily create something appealing to your audience.

Why not make an exclusive newsletter featuring an influencer?

Just gather some reference material: unboxing videos, social media comments, anything and everything involving your brand. Then add some new exclusive content, for example, an interview, or commentary from the influencer, and just like that with few content highlights from the past you produced a signup worthy newsletter without creating everything from scratch.


4. Gather some top tips and fails and make a tutorial on how to use your product

Having influencers use your product on the camera gives you a unique opportunity to put together a fun tutorial on what to do (or not do) with it as a consumer.

A quick, entertaining montage of real people reacting to your merchandise, trying to figure it out, and being genuinely excited about it is precisely the kind of smart and engaging content that your brand needs to grow.

Aim to incorporate influencer visuals and comments into your product presentations, FAQs, and tutorials.

Because of the nature of social media video content, there is always something unexpected or unscripted happening in front of the camera. Use that authentic take to discover what questions or problems consumers may have while using your product for the first time and be one step ahead by addressing them in your product guides. Or even better put the tutorial on your website, so it’s easily accessible and shareable at the same time.


5. Put together some comments, opinions, and reviews and reuse it in your online and offline ads

If you’ve been in online marketing for a while now, you probably know that authentic reviews can work wonders for your brand perception and sales. As much as ⅕ of all consumers look for product reviews online before making a purchase. Honest opinions from consumers are naturally more appealing than celebrity endorsement because the trust level in other people is much higher.

So do yourself a favor and gather some fabulous influencer snapshots, stories, and quotes and instantly make your ads more relatable.

Take a look at what Raid Shadow Legends did for their latest promo. By incorporating footage from up and coming streamers in their advertising, they not only connected with a broader audience but also presented their game as the next big thing on the gaming scene.

To summarise: influencer content is a marketer’s gold mine. With so many content pieces available you can almost quickly create review compilations for YouTube, get some extra footage for that mobile ad that you’ve been planning to launch or pick and choose some appealing content for your product page. The options are endless.

One thing to remember – you don’t own the influencer content unless the creator transferred their Intellectual Property (IP) to you or granted you a license to use it.

It’s not an automatic process and requires some paperwork in place, so before you reuse or publish anything, check your contract to make sure that you can use the material that the influencer created for your own marketing purposes.

If you are not sure – always ask. Also, remember always to give credit where it’s due. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it helps you create and develop excellent long-term relationships with your influencers.