Our Services


Adshot delivers tailor-made influencer marketing strategies that create long-lasting waves amongst your target audiences.


Together, we select the ideal short-list of interested influencers based on data insights and prior experience.

Influencer Management

Adshot ensures a smooth campaign execution that creates impactful content and meets your objectives in a timely manner.

Content Creation

We guide influencers in creating authentic branded content that resonates with their target audiences.


Receive a campaign report that provides you with the essential insights to assess the performance of your campaign.

Brand Safety & Legal

Adshot will ensure that all brand safety protocols and legal requirements are correctly fulfilled.

Social Media Advertising

Adshot creates and amplifies your branded influencer content towards targeted audiences on TikTok and Instagram.

Content Repurposing

We assist in repurposing content created by influencers and handle content licensing agreements

Influencer Payments

Adshot will handle and process the payment and legal formalities for participating influencers in your campaign.