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Is your platform really free for creators?

Adshot is currently free to use for creators. You can register, create a media kit and start networking with brands. If Adshot assists a brand in a paid collaboration with you, we normally take a commission, which depends on the modalities of that specific campaign

Can I choose to work with who I want?

Of course. You are free to accept or decline any offer you receive from brands, with no exceptions. Once you accept a certain collaboration offer from brands, we expect you to meet the deadlines and create content that is in accordance with the briefing and the terms and conditions you for this offer.

Do you offer individual consultancy sessions to creators?

As we are really busy developing our technology we are currently not offering individual consultancy services for creators. If you would like to get in touch please fill in the contact form or join our creator community on Discord.

How do I get paid?

If you successfully complete a paid collaboration via our platform, Adshot will update your balance within 15 days after we received the payment from the brand. Once you have requested your payout, the payment will be executed within 7 days via wire transfer or Paypal, depending on your preferences. If desired, you can send an invoice to Adshot for your services.

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