Creator FAQ

Below you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not covered below, please mail to support@adshot.io or complete the form below.

Is Adshot really free for creators?

Adshot is currently free to use for creators. You can register, create a media kit and start networking with brands. If Adshot assists a brand in a paid collaboration with you, we normally take a commission, which depends on the modalities of that specific campaign.

Do I have to sign any contract when I sign up?

Not at all. Like many other platforms and websites, you have to agree with general terms & conditions when you register. Only when you accept a collaboration offer you may have to sign a contract that asks you to perform certain services within a certain time frame.

What does it mean to authenticate my channels?

By authenticating your YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter channel you give Adshot read-only access to gather performance data of your channel. We are never able to upload, edit or delete content on any of these channels. Your performance data is displayed in your media kit and your analytics section.

What is a media kit?

A media kit can be considered as a resumé that you can share with brands in order to persuade them of your worth as a creator. By creating a media kit on Adshot you can easily offer brands information about your profile, channels, content, and performance statistics.

What happends if a brand contacts me via my media kit?

When a brand clicks the contact button on your media kit, a contact form will pop up which he/she can complete. You can choose the way you would like to be notified when a brand completes an inquiry in your preference center on your Adshot account.

Can I freely choose the brands I would like to work with?

Of course. You are free to accept or decline any offer you receive from brands, with no exceptions. Once you accept a certain collaboration offer from brands, we expect you to meet the deadlines and create content that is in accordance with the briefing and the terms and conditions you for this offer.

How do I get paid?

If you successfully complete a paid collaboration via our platform, Adshot will update your balance within 15 days after we received the payment from the brand. Once you have requested your payout, the payment will be executed within 7 days via wire transfer or Paypal, depending on your preferences. If desired, you can send an invoice to Adshot for your services.

How often are my channels updated?

The update interval in which your channel statistics and its content are updated is dependant on the channels that you add. Your numbers on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter are automatically updated daily. You can manually maintain your TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Gaming stats, which are verified every couple of days

How can I share my media kit?

After you created your media kit you will receive a unique link that you can share. You can either share your media kit directly with brands, for example via email or add your media kit link to your about/bio section of your channels. This way brands can find out more about you and get in touch via your media kit.

What happens after I register on Adshot

By completing your registration on Adshot your profile will become visible towards brands using Adshot. You can also share your newly created media kit with brands outside of Adshot. With respect to your notification preferences, you will be notified if a brand has sent you a message or proposed a collaboration opportunity.

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