Brand FAQ

Below you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not covered below, please mail to support@adshot.io or complete the form below.

Is Adshot really free?

At the moment our platform is still 100% free to use. However, as we continue to develop more features that offer value, we always consider opportunities to monetize our platform. If we are planning to release paid features or plans we will definitely timely communicate this upcoming change.

Do I need to enter my credit card or another payment method?

As Adshot is currently 100% free you don’t need to add any credit card or payment method whilst signing up.

What information can I showcase on my brand page?

You can publicly display your brand’s page to influencers using Adshot. Besides general information about your company, you can add a link to your website and the most commonly used social media platforms. Moreover, you can add your relevant products, services, events, games, merch, .. for influencers to discover.

How long does it take to register?

As you register you will create a brand page that can be compared with a page that you create on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media. If you only fill in the essential information, registration should only take up to 5 minutes. However, as your brand page is the foundation of Adshot, we would advise spending some time to create favorable impressions towards influencers.

Can I choose to hide my profile to influencers?

You can choose to hide your brand page towards influencers so they can’t see that you registered on Adshot. However, we strongly advise against doing so, as showcasing your brand profile often heralds the starting point of a relationship with influencers.

Can I invite other colleagues to my account?

At the moment it is not yet possible to invite other colleagues to your account. Therefore we recommend that you use a company-wide accessible email which can also be used by fellow colleagues to log in to the platform.

Where can I find registered influencers?

You can find all influencers that are eligible to become visible to brands in the ‘discover influencers’ tab on your left-side navigation.

How are influencers added to the discovery section?

Unlike some other tools, we don’t scrape data from social media platforms. Influencers displayed in the discovery section have registered and authenticated their channels. We curate our influencer database to make sure that too small or so-called dead channels are not displayed.

Can I favorite the influencers I like?

You can easily favorite the influencers you like simply by clicking the heart icon. Once you have favorited a few influencers you can display them by selecting the ‘favorite influencers’ button.

Which filters are available to find relevant influencers?

As we collect useful data touchpoints about our registered influencers, we offer a lot of different filters you can use to narrow down your selection of influencers. You can filter on certain keywords, country, language, gender, age, channel, and certain tags.

Are the displayed influencers screened?

As influencers register on Adshot we verify their channels and profiles. However, we don’t continuously screen the created content from registered influencers. Therefore we always suggest checking the content of creators which can easily be done on Adshot before you engage in a conversation or collaboration. Please note that, unlike Twitch, YouTube and Twitter we can’t automatically authenticate ownership of TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Gaming. This means we can’t 100% assure that the profiles are the actual owner of these channels.

What data can I view per influencer?

Depending on the influencers’ settings, you can find demographics, contextual, and geolocation data of registered influencers and their audience. You can also view the performance data and content of each linked channel.

What happens when I favorite an influencer

When you favorite influencers they will be able to see that you added them to your favorite list. If they decide to favorite your brand page as well, this can be the start of a beautiful relationship.

How can I display interest in an influencer?

You can either favorite an influencer, which influencers can see on their side of the platform, or send them a direct message by clicking the contact button next to their profile.

What happens when I contacted an influencer?

When you contacted an influencer he will receive your message in a dedicated inbox in their account. Depending on their notification settings they (or their manager) will also be alerted of your message outside of the platform, for example via their email address.

Can influencers express interest in my brand/products?

Most certainly. You can always make them an offer to receive your product (see collaboration section). Besides that, influencers can visit and like your brand page and your products via their account. You will be able to see which influencers liked or visited your brand page or even liked your added products.

How can I collaborate with influencers?

You can easily create an offer in your account and complete the wizard to invite desired influencers to co-create branded content.

How can I manage applicants to my offer?

You can navigate to the ‘manage applicants’ tab on the left side of your navigation to see which influencer has applied to your proposal. You can easily accept or decline applicants by dragging them to the respective accept or decline column.

Can I offer monetary payment to influencers?

At the moment you can only offer payment-in-kind rewards to influencers to create branded content. If you would like to engage in a paid collaboration with influencers please contact hello@adshot.io or navigate to agency.adshot.io

What is the approval process of created content?

You can approve or disapprove created content by influencers up to three days after the deadline on which influencers were allowed to create content.

Can I see the contact & address details of invited influencers?

You can only view the contact details and address details (in case physical shipping is selected)  from influencers that applied to your proposal, which you accepted.

Can I update influencers about product shipping and delivery?

When you indicated that influencers need access to your physical or digital product in order to create branded content, you can confirm your shipping or deliver your digital products to influencers you accepted in the ‘manage applicants’ section in your left-side navigation bar.

Where can I find the content created by influencers?

All created content is gathered and displayed in the ‘results’ section in your left-side navigation, along with performance metrics.

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