Adshot works with 6.000 registered influencers who reach over 550M+ eyeballs every month.


With 100+ data touchpoints per influencer and a smart screening process we are able to select the most relevant influencers for your brand.


Adshot relies on tested formats and cutting-edge interactive technologies to create high-engaging content.

The key to successful influencer marketing

Adshot helps your brand to create next-gen influencer marketing campaigns. Therefore we combine years of experience from working for local and international clients and our own technology which we started to develop in 2017. Our extensive track record taught us what works and what doesn't. Our in-house technology allows us to make more data-driven decisions and optimize the process of influencer marketing to yield better outcomes.

Our objective for each campaign is to score on three foundations of successful (influencer) marketing campaigns: Reach, Authenticity, and Engagement.

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Adshot uses in-house created Influencer Marketing Technology to improve your campaigns.

Since 2017 Adshot creates its own technology to holistically improve the process of influencer marketing. Our technology allows all parties involved to make better decisions. Furthermore, it streamlines the workflows between each party involved in influencer marketing campaigns, leaving less room for mistakes.

Parts of our technology are internally used by our campaign managers to improve your influencer marketing campaign. Other parts are publicly accessible to facilitate connections between 200+ brands and 6.000+ influencers who are currently using Adshot technology.

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