E05: 5 Streaming tips for Twitch PT. 2

5 Streaming tips for Twitch PT. 2

By Brekk1e

If you can’t speak Dutch you can find all tips in English below.


It’s very important to invest in your gaming pc and other hardware, think GPU, CPU, motherboard, memory, etc. It can even be a power supply or a new case with improved cooling. It is known that such an investment is pricey but that’s why it’s called an investment, because it directly affects the quality of your stream and the quality of your gameplay. Everyone knows frames are important, that’s why the saying goes “Frames win games”. An additional tip for your hardware is to take care of your components, keep on to the packaging as it gives you the opportunity to resell the components when you’re looking to upgrade your computer. You can compare it to selling a car, don’t wreck your car because then it’ll lose its value. With the money you get by selling your car you get a head start at buying a new ride.


The second tip is about peripherals that you don’t really need to game like a capture card, camera, microphone, green screen, audio mixer or a stream deck. But don’t forget to also upgrade your internet! Better upload speeds affect your stream quality, better download speeds allow you to download games quicker which makes you lose less time when looking to switch games on stream. When Brekk1e started streaming 8 years ago he just had a camera and a microphone, but a lot has changed since then.


The third investment tip is about your branding or making your own brand or logo. This is possibly the most important aspect about streaming as it affects you as a person as a representative of your own brand. Companies invest a lot of money in marketing and branding because this has a huge impact on their sales, in streaming this is the same. That’s why it’s important to find a good graphic designer who’s able to capture your style, getting people to recognize and discover your brand. It’s important to evaluate your stream every now and then; do you need new emotes, intros, intermissions?  If you’re in need of any of these, you should collaborate with your graphic designer.


The fourth tip is, STREAM! It sounds a bit silly but when you want to become a streamer you have to actually stream. A stream schedule is beneficial, but Brekk1e never utilized this due to the changing working hours of his job. Brekk1e however, always tried to stream as much as possible even when his rhythm wasn’t consistent. This did come with the opportunity that a lot of different people got to discover Brekk1e’s stream. He did once try to stream consistently at the same hours using his social media as a way of letting his audience know when he’d go live or using the panels on his Twitch profile. Another important tip is to stream, only when you’re feeling well! Don’t copy Brekk1e’s past where he turned on his pc after a night of working and he’d grind out a few hours of streaming being very groggy. You’re unable to entertain people this way. Finally, don’t act like someone you’re not when streaming. Eventually the truth will catch up and people won’t respect you anymore and won’t watch your stream anymore.


Network! Brekk1e admits he’s not the best at doing this and he knows he must work on it. It’s so important to network and connect with other streamers to possibly grow together. When he looks back on streamers that started streaming at the same time as him, they’re way bigger now as they put more effort into networking with other streamers but also with brands. To wrap up the video you should go your own way in streaming, often evaluate your performance and use your passion to grow your channel. Good luck!

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