31 quick video ideas for gaming Youtubers

Every blogger, youtuber and content creator out there has a point in there life when they sit down, and their mind goes blank. Yesterday you were full of ideas, things that you want to play, review and talk about and today it’s all gone.

It doesn’t matter how excited you are about your channel, gaming, filming and editing. It happens to everyone. Sometimes you will run out of video ideas, and that’s ok. We’re here to help you out.

Behold our 31 quick video concepts for your gaming YouTube channel!

You’re welcome.

  1. 1. Review a brand new game. Everyone is interested in games that just hit the shelves, so be quick!
  2. 2. Go indie. Find a niche game you wouldn’t normally consider playing and give it a go.
  3. 3. Try the classics. Everyone has a game that they always wanted to play, but never got to it. With websites like GoG.com, you can easily give those older titles a go.
  4. 4. Play through a series of games, show how the series evolved through time, and make a comparison of the gameplay and story.
  5. 5. See how a game would run on different quality settings. Not everyone out there has a perfect PC, and some people would love to see if and how a game would run on a comparable setup.
  6. 6. Let’s play…together! Join up with a different channel for a cross-promotion co-op or PVP.
  7. 7. Take recommendations from your viewers and try something you’d never usually play.
  8. 8. Do you have a YouTube channel intro? If not — it’s time to make one.
  9. 9. Find the worst game ever made and put some great commentary on it. You know you want to.
  10. 10. Reading best comments from your last few videos is always a win.
  11. 11. Show off all of your favorite things about your favorite game.
  12. 12. A Q&A is always a great idea if you want your viewers to get to know you a bit better.
  13. 13. Check out the video game news and talk about what’s going on in the industry.
  14. 14. Take some time to talk about your job or studies and tell everyone how your daily life looks like.
  15. 15. Make a few gaming top 10 lists. They are never going out of style.
  16. 16. Try and make a video game series focusing on a specific genre. RPG, strategy, battle royale — there’s a lot to choose from.
  17. 17. Stream yourself playing and put together a compilation of highlights for your channel.
  18. 18. Go in-depth and philosophical on a game. Discuss, discuss, discuss!
  19. 19. Do you know any trivia about a game? What about easter eggs? There are a lot of people that would love to know more about it.
  20. 20. Put together a tutorial for a game that you’re amazing at. Or even better — a hero that you main.
  21. 21. Look at the gaming history and find a topic you’d like to know more about. How did your favorite series come together? What happened to that game studio that used to be so popular?
  22. 22. Take a peek at the future of video games. Are there any new games or consoles in the works? What about upcoming video game events that may be worth checking out?
  23. 23. Showcase your room and/or your gaming gear.
  24. 24. Compare two games side by side and decide which one is doing it better.
  25. 25. Challenge yourself to do something that wasn’t done before (or something hard or just simply fun to do) and see what happens. Anything goes.
  26. 26. Talk about games that you played and didn’t like — explaining what didn’t work for you and why can give you and your viewers some perspective.
  27. 27. Hunt bugs in a game. Try and fall into rocks and get stuck behind trees. Break it till you make it and have fun!
  28. 28. Remake an old, popular video from your channel. It will put everything in perspective and show you how much your editing skills grew.
  29. 29. Get your friends and play something together. Share opinions, joke around, relax and have fun. Not everything has to be scripted.
  30. 30. Check out the mods. There are hundreds of new ones popping up every day, so you can always get something new to try out.
  31. 31. Have a look at your Steam library and see what you have in there. This one is especially great if you have no self-control during the Steam sales (like us), somehow ended up with over 300 games and actually played maybe 20 of them.

So here you go, 31 fresh and excellent video ideas for your YouTube channel. I hope you love them and use them — if you do give us a shout and we will check it out.