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The future of media is collective, interactive, and immersive. In the last ten years, we saw younger generations exchange traditional media such as radio, television, and film for user-generated media created by digital stars ‘influencers’ on video and live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. Gradually passive viewers became active participants in an immersive experience that allows them to interact, create, and receive with fellow members and receive recognition in online communities formed around their favorite influencers.

Unfortunately, contemporary advertising solutions still rely on the model of passive media consumption. This causes traditional advertisements to break, rather than build upon the immersive experience currently offered on video and live-streaming platforms. As a result younger generations are globally adopting AdBlock to fend-off the abundance of advertising they encounter, leading to further emotional detachment from both leading and aspiring brands.

We believe brands, influencers, and consumers deserve better. That is why we help brands around the globe to leverage the power of influencers on video- and live streaming platforms to make advertising authentic, interactive, and rewarding for its viewers.  Adshot combines years of experience in working with influencers and the latest technologies to have the right influencers create collective, interactive, and immersive experiences about brands, which are truly loved by consumers.




Nupraatikerover Chatmarathon



The Park Playground NL



Sony Music – Travis Scott

The Park Playground – De Mol

AP Hogeschool

Proximus Epic

Blazing Sails

GOT: Winter is Coming



SBS Belgium

Dunkin’ Donuts

Proximus E-cup

1UP Conference

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Game Hollywood

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Not A Company

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Pizza Hut

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Telenet The Park

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World of Warships

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ESL Proximus

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