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Adshot translates your idea to a concrete briefing and onboards relevant influencers for the start of your campaign!

During the Campaign

Adshot manages each selected influencer and makes sure that the perfect content is created for your campaign.

After the Campaign

Adshot bundles all relevant metrics in a tailor-made report and takes care of the administration and payment of the influencers.

Proximus Epic

Proximus is a Belgian internet-, mobile-, phone- and TV provider, that wanted to promote its new subscription formula Epic, which offered an endless data package for social media apps usage such as Twitch, Tiktok, YouTube, and so on. See how they got 5.5M YouTube views and 867K Twitch views where Proximus was visible

Sony Music

Travis Scott is an American rapper that recently released a new single called FRANCHISE. Sony Music was looking for a way to promote his newest single. Adshot proposed to get 4 popular streamers together to play Fortnite. See how they got 43.1K live Twitch views and 7.1K Hours watched all-together on Twitch.

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