TikTok Trends: TikTok or Barbieland

Since the Barbie movie was announced, it’s marketing efforts have been making waves. It’s no wonder the star-studded movie about one of the favorite toys easily made it’s way to TikTok. Pink has flooded our for you page, and it’s fantastic.

So, c’mon Barbies, let’s go party with a roundup of the most popular trends we’ve been seeing!

Trend #1: My Ken’s Job

Ken – one of Barbie’s favorite accessories! TikTok Barbies have been proudly showcasing their Kens and what they do for a living to the hit song I’m Just Ken by Ryan Gosling.

How does it work?

This trend involves revealing Ken’s different jobs, from essential careers like hospital work to showcasing their unique interests like biking or fixing things. The Ken’s jobs are described in a very simplistic, yet funny way. In the videos, you can also see what accessories the Kens come with in the box.

The trend emphasizes the many different Kens, echoing the message that, like Barbie, they come in a range of shapes, sizes and identities. With thousands of views and engaging captions, users are playfully exploring the world of Kens.

Some examples:

Trend #2: What Kind of Barbie am I?

As the fight against patriarchy is one of the main messages of the Barbie movie, one TikTok user pointed out how the Ken’s job trend puts the focus on men. Again. To shift the story back to the women, a new trend was born. This one highlights all the amazing things that Barbies do.

How does it work?

The trend essentially echoes the Ken’s job trend, but for Barbies. Barbies themselves describe what kind of Barbie they are and what accessories come with her. For example, a lawyer Barbie that comes with a power suit, briefs, and sleep deprivation.

The trends serves to show that in the end it’s all about the Barbies!

Some examples:

Trend #3: Girlhood/Billie Eilish – What Was I Made For?

The song by Billie Eilish is currently one of the most trending sounds on TikTok and is a part of the Barbie movie soundtrack. This trend is all about the girls and girlhood, showcasing all the magic that comes with being a girl.

How does it work?

Girlhood videos are set to the sound of the What Was I Made For song. These wholesome videos consist of videos and images from the girls’ happy childhoods, current lives, all that it means to be a girl. It also shows the toys, fashion, and movies that are a part of girlhood. This trend is truly a celebration!

Some examples:

Trend #4: Weird Barbies

Kate McKinnon’s character in the movie is the Weird Barbie. Everyone who has played with Barbies knows what we are talking about here. The one Barbie that hardly survived our childhood. The Barbie who got a personalized haircut. The Barbie that got marker tattoos. The Barbie that lost her limbs.

How does it work?

The trend of TikTokers finding their old Weird Barbies and sharing interesting stories about them is becoming increasingly popular. It is precisely these Barbies’ imperfections that make them interesting and unique, and worth playing with. So whether you find a Barbie with a missing limb, or a Barbie with a unique outfit that sets her apart from the rest, there is no denying that these dolls have a special place in the hearts of many. Not even Barbie can always be perfect!

Some examples:

Trend #5: Hi Barbie! Hi Ken! Outfits

The scene from the movie where all the Barbies and Kens say hi to each other became an instant hit. It also inspired this fashion trend on TikTok.

How does it work?

With every “Hi Barbie!”, we see a different outfit inspired by the latest trends and styles. It’s a testament to how fashion and pop culture are constantly intertwined, and how Barbie has always been at the forefront of this cultural conversation. Whether she’s sporting a pink-tastic dress or a chic pantsuit, Barbie a symbol of fashion and style. The trend, just like Barbie, inspires generations of young girls to embrace their own unique sense of fashion and creativity.

Some examples:

Barbies, we’ve come to the end of this TikTok trend roundup, where the Barbie world collided with the energy of TikTok! These are just a few of our favorites as there are as many Barbie-inspired trends as there are Barbies! From Ken’s career catwalk to Barbie’s empowering celebration of girlhood, and the tales of Weird Barbies, each trend added a splash of pink magic to our feeds.

So, until our next trend-filled date, remember, in the dazzling world of TikTok, every trend is a chance to embrace your unique, Barbie-inspired fabulousness! 💖

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