TikTok Trends: Summer Fun on TikTok

The summer was hot, and so were these TikTok trends from August! From cute dogs to unstoppable laughing, this month had it all.

Prepare yourself to laugh, aww, and dance with 5 of our favorite trends this month.

Trend #1: Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson & Andy Wilman Uncontrollable Laughter

Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman, the dynamic duo behind the iconic automotive show “Top Gear,” have become legendary figures. Recently, a clip of them uncontrollably laughing resurfaced on TikTok. TikTokers were quick to use the clip for creating funny and relatable videos.

How does it work?

Using CapCut’s (TikTok’s video editor) template, creators are placing the clip of Jeremy and Andy laughing over a background with a text mentioning something that is hilarious to them. Something they themselves can’t stop laughing about. They describe a situation of two friends or two siblings laughing at something uncontrollably, possibly something where laughter is inappropriate.

Everyone has been in a situation with their friends where they just couldn’t stop laughing, no matter how hard they tried. This makes the trend super relatable and it’s easy to understand its quick popularity.

Some examples:

@thelexiishow It had to be saic lol im dying laughing still #CapCut @Angel Lobbestael #laughingfriends #twoguyslaughing ♬ original sound - Rom

Trend #2: Penguins from Madagascar

The Penguins from Madagascar have been a favorite ever since the first Madagascar movie came out in 2005. It seems the internet just can’t get enough of them! TikTok is full of the black and white mischiefs dancing to different pop tunes.

How does it work?

Again using CapCut, TikTokers are sharing the penguin dance and joining them in their fun choreography. The online community realized their dance goes with so many songs! You can find the penguins dancing to Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Three 6 Mafia, and many more.

Whether you choose to join Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private or just enjoy seeing them move, this trend definitely puts a smile on your face!

Some examples:

Trend #3: More Passion, More Energy, More Footwork

This trend started from a video of a man known as Billy the Quid dancing with the cameraman hyping him up by saying the, now very famous words, “more passion, more energy, more footwork.”

The videos under this sound are endless, and all of them super fun to watch!

How does it work?

There isn’t one right formula to make this trend work. But, amazing moves are the most important ingredient.

Whether it’s dogs doing funny things, children doing their funny baby dances, or adults just letting loose and using the sound with funny and relatable descriptions, this trend definitely brings the energy!

Some examples:


We always end up having the best time tho💃🏼

♬ original sound - MORE ENERGY 😎

Trend #4: August by Taylor Swift x Puppies

There is hardly a Taylor Swift song that didn’t turn into a viral TikTok sound. This time it is the song august and it features man’s best friends – puppies! And other animals, too!

How does it work?

This insanely cute and wholesome trend consists of a pet owner tying their phones around their heads, picking up their pups and twirling around with them. The results are super cute and become even better and funnier when the subject is, for example, a 30 kilo golden retriever! Big dogs really are the cuddliest…

Some examples:

Trend #5: Um, Delusion

Renee Rapp, a TikTok creator and emerging pop singer, recently appeared on the Today Show. She credited her confidence during the interview to a feeling of “delusion,” a term frequently used on TikTok to indicate optimism despite certain challenges. Creators on TikTok have found this idea to be extremely relatable and have been using it to express their own feelings of being “delulu.”

How does it work?

This super easy and relatable trend incorporates using the sound from the original video. Creators are lip-syncing to the words “100%” and “Um, delusion”, adding a text that explains your aspirational delusions – Timothee Chalamet will fall in love with you, you’ll get a date, you’ll pass a class, you’ll become famous…

Some examples:

Bonus Trend: NPC Lives

The Internet is a weird place, so it’s no wonder some weird trends pop up from time to time. TikTokers are acting as NPCs (or non-playable characters) all over their TikTok live streams. Natuecoco, a Japanese TikTok creator, is credited with starting the NPC streaming trend in 2021, drawing inspiration from cosplay and art.

How does it work?

NPCs are background video game characters. They aren’t a part of the storyline and have repetitive movements and sayings. TikTokers have been acting as NPCs on their livestreams and earning money, too!

The trend became very popular because NPC streamers receive different “gifts” while streaming their live and then perform a specific action to accompany the gift. People like the interactive nature of the live performance, and they want to watch how a real-life person responds in the moment without breaking character.

Here is a video compilation of the trend:

And there it is – our TikTok trend roundup for August. This month’s trends gave us all the emotions and excited us to see what more is to come!

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