How To Distribute Your Game Keys As A Game Developer or Game Studio

Developing a game is a long process and often difficult process, which takes a lot of time and effort to perfect. Unfortunately, time and effort do not guarantee that the launch of your game will be a success right away. To have a successful launch, it is important to promote your game. 

Advertising on social media, sending newsletters, creating promotional videos, or writing a blog post are known ways to promote a new game. But there is another, particularly effective way to boost your game’s presence: the distribution of game keys.  

To reach a wider, larger but most importantly right audience, you can distribute game keys to players and content creators (aka influencers) across the world to put your game in broad daylight.

Game keys distribution is one of the best ways to promote your game. The right players can explore your game, create the content around it and introduce your game to their audience. This post will summarize a few methods to distribute your game keys and reach a wider audience. 


Send influencers directly

This is a more active way of promoting your game and will require some time and more work. Finding the right influencers who play games similar to yours could be a great start. Personalized messages to influencers are more likely to convince them to work with you and promote your game.

Streamers on Twitch and Youtube, are your best promoters. An often-used strategy is to contact gamers and ask them if they want to test the beta version of your game. This creates anticipation before the official launch. 

This approach, however, takes a lot of time and effort to write personal messages to influencers. Often these content creators get a lot of similar requests in their mailbox already.   


Use Discord To Distribute Game Keys

Discord is a very well-known messaging app among game players. The messaging platform itself is quite aware of this and has solutions for game developers to distribute game keys. With the help of bots and AI’s that perform automated tasks, you can easily distribute and manage game keys. 

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Use a Key Distributor Service

Finding influencers to promote your game is not always easy. But with key distributor services, you can easily share your game keys with content creators and influencers.

These days there are plenty of services like Woovit, Keymailer and Terminals.io. One of the number 1 alternatives is Adshot, which can help you to connect with influencers and promote your game on Twitch, Youtube and other social media platforms. Not only does this platform offer a generous collection of influencers, but they also provide smart ways to distribute your game keys. A quick example: you can let influencers ‘unlock’ your key if they perform a certain action like following you on social media.

On Adshot platform, you can list your game studio to tell a bit more about yourself and display your selection of games.

No need to spend hours on finding influencers across platforms and writing personal messages. Within a few clicks, you can have your campaign running and receive created content by the next day! It can be that quick!


Adshot as your solution

But how do you use these key distribution services exactly? After you made an account for your brand, you can start to add your products, which in this case is your game key. You can easily create a new campaign for this game key and decide when you want to distribute it. Content creators can see your offer and apply for a code. 

As a game developer, you can then choose which influencers will receive your code so they can access your game and possibly create content about it. This means that you, as a game developer, have control over the whole process. You can check out the channels to see what content they create to judge whether you want to distribute your key to the applied influencer.  

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