Promote bpost's green efforts to young audiences
Project Description
Bpost is the leading Belgian company responsible for delivering national and international mail. The organization is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and has implemented a number of measures toward achieving this goal. These include using an emission-free fleet, an extensive network of pick-up points and custom preferences, establishing large-scale ecozones, and using recyclable packaging.

Bpost recognized the need to engage younger audiences in its sustainability efforts and turned to the power of social media to do so. Adshot devised a TikTok campaign featuring five Belgian influencers, including Jietse Pauwaert, Just Jade, Thomas Latour, Julie Verven, and Marius Rosiere. Each creator was tasked with creating a TikTok video showcasing one of bpost's four proof points and was encouraged to incorporate their own unique spin on the subject matter. The videos were then posted on each creator's respective TikTok profile. They were subsequently transformed into TikTok Spark Ads that directed viewers to a dedicated landing page. This innovative approach to engaging younger audiences in sustainability issues has proven highly successful. It has helped to raise awareness of bpost's ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

The campaign results were remarkable, with a combined total of 2.225 million views, 33,421 likes, and 11,250 clicks to the landing page.




TikTok views


TikTok likes


TikTok clicks

Participating influencers



Jietse Pauwaert


Just Jade


Thomas Latour


Julie Verven


Marius Rosiere


Created content examples

@freiavl Wist jij dat deze bpost pakjesautomaten bestonden? PUBLICITEIT #bpost#dayinmylife#sustainibility#kledingmerk#leuven ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

@jietsepauwaert ADVERTENTIE Wist jij dat bpost zo bezig was met duurzaamheid? #sustainability #bpost ♬ original sound – Jietse Pauwaert

@justjadejj Advertentie | Ahja den bpost app! Wie herkent deze situatie? 😝 #bpost #sustainability ♬ origineel geluid – JustJade

@le_thomas_latour Le-saviez vous? Les écozones de bpost sont formidables même si vous êtes coincé au bureau #sustainability #bpost #ad ♬ son original – THOMAS LATOUR

@julieverven Le saviez-vous ? C’est moi qui prend le plus de box dans les points d’enlèvements 🤣 #sustainability #bpost #ad ♬ Untouchable Kpop I am the original – mieom_ee

@mariustory Le saviez-vous ? Merci #bpost pour ces alternatives écologiques 💚 #ad #bpost #sustainability ♬ original sound – Marius

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