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Centric is a market leader on technology solutions, high quality IT services and qualified professionals. Centric helps its customers do what they do best. They ensure that vital processes in our society always run smoothly.

Recently Centric created Craft 2.0, a platform to connect Dutch IT professionals by sharing knowledge through its online knowledge platform as a central point. Through Craft, Centric wants to contribute to the quality and development of Dutch IT professionals, both professionally and personally. The aim is to become the largest IT knowledge platform in the Netherlands where IT professionals can learn from each other. It was our task to raise awareness for that platform.

But how did we reach an IT audience while also remaining authentic, engaging and entertaining? Adshot set up an influencer marketing campaign using 4 amazing Dutch Twitch streamers who became true Craft Ambassadors; Madestout, Sumly90, Kevinvwonderen, and Laurenplaying. All four ambassadors promoted Craft 2.0 with additional content pieces being released every month.

In the first month there was a big giveaway to win amazing Bluetooth headphones. Viewers could participate in the giveaway using the Gleam software, to enter they had to follow socials, visit the website and/or follow the streamers. The second month there was an interview with Madestout and the third month there was an interview with Kevinvwonderen. In march a final event will follow where the streamers will partner up with a centric employee in a game tournament.

The streams got 364.800 views, reached more than 110.400 hours watched with a concurrent average viewer number of 72. The Gleam software counted a total amount of 1.198 entries.

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