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Project Description
Howest hogeschool is a University College in West Flanders, Belgium. They are known for their up-to-date, modern programmes with options for different students. Recently they launched two new courses; supply chain management and transport & logistics.

As these are two very new courses, Howest were looking for ways to reach young people online who were looking to start a new programme and have an interest in anything to do with logistics. Due to supply chain management being a bit of a niche sector there is still a huge number of people who have no idea what this is, which brought another challenge in informing people about the sector.

But, reaching a young audience online while remaining authentic isn’t an easy thing to do. Informing this particular age group about school programs is an even harder thing to do as school isn’t always a very entertaining subject for this target audience. That’s why it was essential to spread light-hearted, fun content that was also informative, to let viewers get to know the sector.

So how did we reach this audience while also remaining authentic, engaging, informative and entertaining? Adshot set up an influencer marketing campaign using an amazing Belgian TikTok all-stars; Amir Motaffaf, you might know him from the Ketnet series 4eVeR. Amir visited the campus and the classes as well as multiple big logistics companies in the harbor of Zeebrugge and created amazing TikTok content interviewing employees, students, teachers and alumni. All the content got uploaded on the TikTok profile of Howest and turned into TikTok Spark Ads. Additionally Amir also created a TikTok video to upload on his personal TikTok channel featuring bloopers from the initial content. The video featured a shout-out to the Howest TikTok channel and was also turned into a Spark Ad.




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@amirmotaffaf #advertentie Wat zeg ik toch allemaal 😂 Ontdek de richtingen tijdens opendeurdagen op 27/08 en 09/09 😉 @Howest Hogeschool / #Howest ♬ original sound – Amir Motaffaf

@howestbe Advertentie. Check de opleidingen op onze website. Shoutout to @Amir Motaffaf 👊 #Howest ♬ origineel geluid – Howest Hogeschool

@howestbe Advertentie. Op stap met @Amir Motaffaf: part 2 ✌Meer weten? Kom naar onze laatste infodag op vrijdag 9 september van 17u tot 20u30. 👋 #howest ♬ origineel geluid – Howest Hogeschool

@howestbe Advertentie. Ontdek samen met @amirmotaffaf onze graduaatsopleiding Transport & Logistiek. 🙌 #Howest #Brugge #transport #logistiek ♬ origineel geluid – Howest Hogeschool

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