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Whether you’re a PC enthusiast, gamer or content creator, Kingston FURY is the choice for high-performance memory and storage. To reach these three target audiences Kingston was looking to promote these amazing products to a select Belgian audience.

How did we reach a gaming audience while also portraying the brand as a must-have for gamers? Adshot set up an influencer marketing campaign using 2 amazing Twitch streamers who are perhaps two of the most-watched Belgian Twitch streamers at the moment; Abulic and Laagvliet. Both battled each other in a sensational VALORANT stand-off. The winner got to giveaway Kingston FURY 32GB DDR5 R.A.M. and the second-place got to giveaway a 1TB SSD. Both streams were fitted with Kingston FURY branding for optimal visibility. Viewers could participate in the giveaway using the Gleam software, to enter they had to visit socials, refer friends, answer a question and/or register for the newsletter.

The streams got 9.347 views, reached more than 1326 hours watched with a concurrent average viewer number of 153. The Gleam software counted a total amount of 848 entries. To additionally promote the stand-off both creators also posted Instagram stories and posts which gathered an additional 4.300 views.

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