Lesgeven is alles geven

Flemish Government
Encourage the Belgian youth to consider the job of teacher
Project Description
Sadly there is a huge shortage in teachers in Belgium at the moment, leading to parents having more trouble finding a school for their children. This is all because of the fact that less students choose to follow an educational course to become a teacher/professor/lecturer. That’s why the Flemish government set up the campaign “Lesgeven is alles geven” or translated “Teaching is giving it your all”.

To promote the large scale campaign it was essential to reach a younger audience on social media in Belgium which consists of students and future students. That’s where Adshot stepped in to set up a large-scale TikTok campaign featuring some of the most well-known Belgian content creators.

But, reaching a younger student audience online while remaining authentic isn’t an easy thing to do, especially not when it comes to teachers and school, they really dislike that. We opted to use a precise approach; creative and authentic content on TikTok according to the style of the influencer’s other content. To not immediately lose interest of viewers it was essential to spread light-hearted, fun content that was also informative about the campaign.

So how did we reach this audience while also remaining authentic, informative and entertaining? Adshot set up an influencer marketing campaign using multiple amazing Belgian TikTok creators. All creators gave their own take on promoting the initiative. All the TikTok content got uploaded on the TikTok profile of the creators and got a paid boost to reach a huge audience.




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Participating influencers

Amir Motaffaf


Giana De Kat




Jietse Pauwaert


Elias Verwilt


Siham Tbi


Created content examples

@gianadekat advertentie | Weet jij al welk beroep je later wil uitoefenen? #lesgevenisallesgeven ♬ Countless – Official Sound Studio

@amirmotaffaf #adverentie We hebben meer aan de leerkrachten dan dat we denken😉 Meer info op vlaanderen.be/lesgeven-is-alles-geven #lesgevenisallesgeven ♬ original sound – Amir Motaffaf

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