Child Abuse Confidential Centres
Promote the Nupraatikerover initiative
Project Description
Nupraatikerover.be is an initiative of the Child Abuse Confidential Centres where minors from Flanders and Brussels are welcome to come and chat with people who can help them. The Child Abuse Confidential Centres provide advice and training and work with perpetrators and victims of child abuse, neglect and abuse. Recently the website was revamped and they were looking to promote this to younger people.

Adshot suggested collaborating with 3 influencers that are active on YouTube and Instagram.
During this campaign, influencers:

  • Mentioned the initiative during their videos.
  • Created an Instagram post addressing the issue.
  • Alarmed their audiences that reality can be harsh and telling them nupraatikerover.be can be a solution.
  • Created an optional Instagram Story.

Adshot recruited, onboarded, and followed-up on each of the 3 chosen influencers, making sure that they received the necessary input. Nupraatikerover received a custom report containing the performance metrics, along with the created content.

  • Instagram
  • YouTube


YouTube Views


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Participating influencers

Jamie-Lee Six

YouTube creator

Ryan Debacker

YouTube creator


YouTube creator

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