Pizza Hut: Loaded Boxes

Pizza Hut
Promote the delicious Loaded Boxes by Pizza Hut
Project Description
Pizza Hut launched their new meal, the Pizza Hut Loaded Boxes. These boxes consisted of meat and vegetables served in a box. The Loaded box came in three flavors, Americano Style, Hot Curry Style & Kebab Style. Pizza Hut was looking to promote these loaded boxes to a select gaming target audience.

But how could we reach huge and specific audiences? Adshot set up an influencer marketing campaign using 5 great Belgian TikTok profiles who each created their own vision of a Loaded Box challenge. On TikTok we repurposed 4 of these 5 TikToks as a boosted post towards a specifically targeted audience using TikTok’s Spark ads. This also allowed us to add a CTA to the original TikTok videos leading to the Pizza Hut website where interested viewers could order their own Loaded Boxes.

The TikTok videos accumulated a combined astonishing reach of 1.097.900 views! The engagement was also high, and we registered 2.655 clicks towards the Pizza Hut website. We can call this campaign a great success!

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Created content examples

@casualgorillaGoe eten bij @pizzahutbe ! Zelf ook eens proberen? Gebruik dan de code KC44 😎 #hutlife #loadedboxchallenge #grappig #fyp♬ origineel geluid – CasualGorilla

@abulicDenk aan Josh. Gebruik kortingscode KC44 voor -25% op de tweede loaded box. @pizzahutbe #hutlife #vlaams #twitchbelgië #twitchvlaanderen #vrbelgie♬ origineel geluid – abulic

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