PXL Hogeschool

PXL Hogeschool
Introducing a new Gaming Business Trajectory
Project Description
PXL, a University of Applied Sciences in Hasselt, is known for its modern and innovative courses. To continue their legacy of keeping up with market trends, they created a Gaming Business trajectory as part of their Bachelor course in Marketing. Gaming Business at PXL is the first course of its kind in Europe, focusing more on the business part of the gaming industry rather than the technical.

The campaign aimed to inform viewers about the campus’ Info Day while increasing awareness of the new course and driving traffic to PXL’s website. Naturally, to promote a gaming course, Adshot and PXL decided to work with gaming influencers on TikTok and Twitch and invited four Flemish streamers to create content around it.

Each of the streamers created several Twitch streams using PXL’s branding in it. In the stream, they also gave more information about the Gaming Business, showed the website, and invited the viewers to join the Open Day. All four influencers created a TikTok, as well. In the TikToks, the influencers briefly introduced the Gaming Business course. Also, they invited the viewers to come to Hasselt and visit PXL’s campus for more details and enrolment.

PXL was right on the nose with this course, as the campaign reached over a million people on TikTok and more than 90 thousand viewers on Twitch. The content led to almost 4.000 clicks on the website and 500 shares of the videos among friends. Good luck to all the first-year students and future pioneers of gaming marketing!





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Created content examples

@frapsel Advertentie PXL Hogeschool: Hoe cool is deze nieuwe richting? Zie ik je op 9 september op de infodag? #PXLhogeschool #gamingbusiness ♬ original sound – Frapsel

@abulic advertentie voor Gaming Business van de Hogeschool PXL in Hasselt is een unieke richting in Europa. Waren deze richtingen er allemaal maar toen ik naar school ging. Tag zeker vrienden met interesse hierin! #pxlhasselt #gamingbusiness ♬ origineel geluid – abulic

@espe_be advertentie @hogeschoolpxl ♬ original sound – Espe

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