S2E01: 5 tips to go viral on TikTok

5 tips to go viral on TikTok

By JustJade

If you can’t speak Dutch you can find all tips in English below.


My first tip is to keep an eye on trends, when you’re on TikTok it’s very important that you like being on TikTok. When you encounter a trend on TikTok and think to yourself; “wow that’s a nice trend.” Message it to yourself so you can record your own video later. It’s also important to keep on being yourself. If you’re a Twitch streamer it could also be fun to upload some stream highlights on TikTok.


An easy way to evoke interaction is to ask a question in the description of your TikTok video, this encourages viewers to comment a lot which massively favors the TikTok algorithm. This leads to getting featured on the TikTok For You page. A question, a riddle, you just need to pose something that people want to react to. A more extreme example is to put a spelling error in the text of your video so people would comment on this. Another way to get your video featured on the for you page is to get viewers to click on the share button, a good way to achieve this is to create very relatable content. By making such content people also tend to tag each other more frequently in the comments.


This one is easier said than done. Nowadays there are tons of creators on TikTok so it’s essential that you’re able to distinguish yourself from the others. People that encounter your videos on the for you page should be able to instantly recognize you. You can do this by having a certain personal trait, a specific look or even a catchphrase. You could also do this easier by always using the same backdrop, using the same hashtag or even an emoji! It’s all in the details.


You should go live. But don’t go begging for gifts! You should go live to develop a closer relationship with your followers. They can ask you questions, you can let them get a view of your personal life and it certainly doesn’t have to take an hour. TikTok isn’t Twitch and people’s attention span is way shorter on platforms like TikTok.


When people leave a comment on your post you should always like them. By doing this the original commenter receives a notification and they’ll feel more appreciated by you. Other people will also notice that you read and appreciate comments, so they’ll go comment quicker. It generally evokes a lot of interaction. You can also video reply to comments by clicking on and holding a comment under the video. If you do this more often viewers can click through your replies.

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