Share Your Adshot Experience with Someone and Grab a Bonus – New Adshot Referral Program is Now Live!

Are you excited about the amazing influencer marketing opportunities coming your way because of Adshot? Do you think that your Adshot experience is worth sharing? Well, we have some excellent news for you: From now on, you can get a reward for every person or brand that you introduce to Adshot.io

You can refer both creators and brands with just a simple click of a button. Just pop into your account and copy one of two unique URLs. There is a separate link that should be used for referring influencers and businesses, so be mindful of which one you select and send out.

Every time a Creator or a Brand registers on our website using the link you provided and gets successfully verified, your account will be credited.

Each verified influencer with over 6k YouTube subscribers or 1k Twitch followers will net you €5 credit. Each verified brand that starts a paid Adshot subscription will bring you €25 credit. There is no limit to how much credit you can get by inviting people to join our platform, so think long and hard of all the people that may benefit from knowing about Adshot. 

Spreading the message about our amazing influencer marketing platform has never been easier, more exciting and rewarding at the same time. 

Do you know any brands that could use a boost with their new marketing campaign? Let them know about us. Did you recently find any excellent content creators that think about expanding into paid influencer marketing? Tell them what we can do for them.

Are you ready to start and try it for yourself? Register if you haven’t already, grab your code, and refer a friend today!