Why is TikTok the Go-To Influencer Marketing Platform Right Now and How to Work Effectively with TikTok Influencers in Those Uncertain Times?

With the current pandemic taking its toll on economies and business around the globe, the way people work, relax, and spend changed drastically. Within just a few months offices switched to work from home routines, schools introduced distance learning options, and marketing trends shifted to follow the customers – wherever they may be.

Brands are facing a lot of unforeseen and unprecedented challenges. But there are also a lot of exciting opportunities in this new landscape, as more people are forced to change their daily habits and attitudes. Because of the widespread lockdown, people’s need to interact and connect with others transitioned into the digital space.

This shift in online audiences is the biggest and most significant opportunity for businesses that want to not only keep their existing customers but come out of the lockdown empowered and ready to grow.

Social media is among the first industries to adapt to this new crisis reality – mostly because of the massive surge of users and viewers across the most popular platforms.

Out of the top 5 most downloaded apps in July 2020, across both Google Play Store and App Store, 3 of them are social media apps – with TikTok being at the top boasting over 65.2 million installs globally. Even though Facebook, an already well-established social media platform, came in second place, there is a vast, more than 11 million new app users gap in between those two. 

With over 800 million users and counting, TikTok, a highly creative video-sharing app, is undoubtedly doing something right. The platform, contrary to popular belief, now attracts not only Gen Z viewers but also Millennials and Gen X-ers.

Because of the accessible, bite-sized, fun content, an increasingly diverse user base began to form and thrive on TikTok.

During the lockdown, TikTok underwent a fundamental demographic shift. With more and more people of all ages looking for accessible entertainment they can consume from home, users that aren’t typically associated with this type of content started engaging with the platform on a large scale. 

Currently, the majority of TikTok users are still between the ages of 10 and 29 but almost 40% of all accounts belong to people aged 30 and above. That is almost 320 million viewers with tremendous spending power actively looking online for distraction from the reality of their daily life in a pandemic.

Since brand presence on TikTok is still few and far between, there are plenty of chances to grab the attention of your future clients. And the best part? You are not in it all by yourself.

When the first lockdown measures were introduced, and consumers started spending significantly longer time online socialising influencers immediately followed suit. New, more authentic content sprung out, and deeper, personal issues that hit close to home started gaining traction. This unprecedented solidarity and alignment in everyone’s lives made content creators somewhat closer and more relatable to their audiences than ever before. What that means for brands is that social media platforms like TikTok can now be effectively used not only for strict product promotion, but also for refining the brand image as more personal, down-to-earth, and mindful. 

With all that in mind, if you want to work effectively with TikTok influencers in those uncertain times, remember to invest in relationships and content that will have the greatest impact possible.

Source your influencers and engage with them through trusted platforms. It will not only save you the time you would spend on searching for and contacting potential content creators with no guarantee that they will be interested in partnering up with you but, most importantly, it will present you with verified, ready-to-go, professional influencers that can work to a strict marketing brief.

Stay clear of traditional advertising. Promotional content resembling conventional ads will not work well on TikTok. As the platform is driven by authenticity, any fake, artificial content will quickly disappear in the sea of other videos.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Since TikTok is a very dynamic and unpredictable space, there is no right and wrong when it comes to the format and approach that you take in your influencer marketing campaigns. What worked for other brands or what is currently trending may not be the best fit for you. So be authentic and true to your brand to maximise your potential.

Also, don’t forget to request content that is focused either on pure entertainment (if your brand is more fun and edgy) or spirit of community and belonging (if your brand holds more traditional values). By indirectly supporting everyone staying at home in those tough times, you will not only capitalise on current trends and sentiments but, at the same time, position yourself on the new platform as a relatable and trustworthy.The sudden change following the lockdown affected almost everyone globally in some way. It’s vital to quickly find yourself in this new reality and redefine how your brand operates and promotes online. With TikTok being at the forefront of social engagement, it’s now time to focus your attention and dive into influencer marketing opportunities it offers – before other brands catch up.