JBL Blindfold Challenge

Promote the immersive surround sound of the JBL Quantum headphones using a blindfold challenge
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The JBL Quantum headphones are amazing pieces of technology. To reach younger audiences who are a potential target for JBL, Adshot suggested collaborating with four trending Dutch speaking Twitch streamers and 2 amazing YouTubers who became ambassador for JBL. The Quantum headphones their forte is the immersive surround sound feature which makes the user really feel like they are part of the game.

But how could we convince the audience of the effectiveness of the surround sound feature? Recently the horror game Resident Evil: Village launched and while it is very spooky and scary it could be even scarier when the only thing you can rely on is your sense of hearing. That is why we let every one of the four influencers stream Resident Evil and play parts of it using a blindfold which led to hilarious scares and other funny moments, proving the effectiveness of the surround sound. Viewers could then participate in a giveaway to win their own Quantum Blindfold package.

The YouTubers did something similar but on YouTube instead of Twitch! They introduced the headset at the start of the video to tell their audiences about the brilliance of the Quantum headphones. Later on in the video they played parts of Resident Evil using the blindfold which led to some comedic bits. Some creators even used some of the funny moments in some branded TikTok videos which led to quite some exposure.

While the initial content already got tons of views and exposure JBL even reutilized the ambassador generated content to launch an ad featuring some of the best clips.

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